Friday, June 12, 2015

Probable Caustic - Ethics hearing and my date with Joseph Barbetta. He didn't bring me a corsage.

Friday, June 5, 2015, Tallahassee, FL @ the First District Court of Appeals, I finally had my day in court to hear the ethic's complaint I had filed against former Sarasota County Commissioner Joseph Barbetta. You may read the complaint HERE if you are interested. It was a closed session, meaning, I was alone. I felt like I was checking in to the dentist to get all of my teeth yanked out.  Joe was lucky enough to have his attorney there to hold his hand and spent his time laughing gaily in the rotunda while I doodled and read USA Today while waiting for my case to be heard.

Hush, hush, voices carry,

Doodle of Doofus.
Joe didn't see me enter the rotunda and I positioned myself diagonally behind the large column from where he was sitting. Talking and sound have a strange way of bouncing when sitting in a giant rotunda so I was privy to his almost nonstop babble to his attorney. I heard him at one point begin to talk about the recent Sarasota City Commission runoff race and overheard him say "the Republican candidates weren't any good for the city." Before I could stop myself I had jumped up, walked around the rotunda and pointed my finger at him and said "That was so very amusing." As I turned around, his attorney asked Joe "Who was that?" Joe replied, "I don't know, I never saw her before."

Which goes to show you that Joe will lie about anything, anytime, anywhere and about the most stupid things too.I imagine, Joe is that type of person who as a child, during my babysitting years, you'd find one Oreo left, so you'd ask the kid "Binky, did you eat all of those Oreos?" And Binky replies "No" in a squeaky little voice. Some people are just born liars and Joe, I am certain, is of that genetic makeup for sure.  It's OK, he can't help himself.  I'll give him that much.  

While I was flipping through USA Today and enjoying my eavesdropping, I stumbled upon a headline which read like a fortune cookie that I had just cracked open.  Talk about applicable for what was about to begin.  I ripped the headline out just for shits and giggles and held on to it for later.

We were told to be there at 10 and when I asked the assistant if she knew when our case was going to be heard she informed me it was going to be a short hearing which immediately implied to me that old Joey had it the bag. Just like the cartoon to the left, "predictable plot" for sure.  I mean, I went in there expecting nothing and my apathy was resolved so at that point I was just hopeful we were going to get out of there before 5PM; I had a road trip I wanted to get to. Thankfully we were seen before the lunch break and the hearing took no longer than getting a colonoscopy and felt less invasive I guess, but in comparison, this hearing was way more of a shit show then having your colon probed.  I digress as usual.

The Florida Commission on Ethics posted the following press release, cut and pasted below. However, this press release fails to mention that three of the nine commissioners found probable cause in relation to the stocks that Mr. Barbetta failed to disclose ownership on while he was voting as a Commissioner in favor for the companies he owned stock in. The ethic's members wanted to discuss Joe's lack of transparency but the new Chair insisted that she had already made a motion and had a second and refused to let the three members continue with their discussion.  She shut them down quickly.

Findings: The Commission considered a complaint filed against Sarasota County Commissioner JOSEPH A. BARBETTA, finding no probable cause on eight allegations: that he voted on measure that benefited his wife; that he had a conflicting contractual relationship with a company while the company was doing business with the County; that he accepted compensation, payment, or a thing of value which was meant to influence his vote; that he violated financial disclosure laws by filing an incomplete 2012 CE Form 6 financial disclosure form; that he voted on a matter inuring to the special private gain or loss of a company in which he held stock; that he had a conflicting contractual relationship with a company while it was doing business with the County; that he had a voting conflict when he voted on a matter involving an entity, whose stock he owned; and that he had a conflicting contractual relationship by virtue of his stock ownership while the company was doing business with the County. (Online press release available here).

Couldn't say it better!
Slick Joey waiting
for his limo.
Upon completion of this epic waste of civic involvement, Joe and his attorney walked out first, I followed.  I walked up to Joe and told him congratulations or maybe we fist bumped (just kidding!). I think I shook his hand and then said "Joe I have something for you."   As I handed him the headline shown here, he said "What is it?" and his attorney reached for it as well and took it, so it was sort of a simultaneous exchange of three hands.  I don't know if he thought I was trying to serve him a subpoena or give him Ebola but he seemed a bit freaked out when I was trying to hand it to him. I'd have to say, in my humble opinion, he's a bit of a wussy. After the hand off, I told them to have a great day and walked out of the building to wait for my ride.  Meanwhile Joe followed and I only got this shot of him because I was on the phone by the time he got into his shiny black limo.  I gave him the peace sign.

Without this trail, I could not have the opportunity to thank Joe Barbetta for my very fun road trip of the Panhandle.  I went to St. George Island State Park, an amazing piece of Mother Earth and had a hell of a bike ride and an entire beach to ourselves, no one was there.  We visited Apalachicola a place know for its oysters and who have suffered greatly from the recent gulf oil spill along with water problems due to our neighbor state Georgia using so much water for farming and that damn fertilizer runoff.  We finished up with a tube ride on the Ichetucknee, which I highly recommend.  It's a canopy covered spring with a swift but pretty safe current, the clearest water and all there is to do is tube and watch the world go by.

Personally, I think the Commission on Ethic's in the State of Florida is pretty much a joke.  The attorney who had been assigned to my case earlier this year phoned me to tell me he had begun to research my case and then asked me "Who told you about Mr. Barbetta's stock options?"  I immediately was defensive because the implication from this attorney was that I was working as an agent for someone.  It really pissed me off and I told him that there are some of us in Sarasota who do watch the county minutes that are available for public consumption and that other citizens had brought it up way before I had filed my complaint.  I asked him to only write to me if he had a question about my case because I did not trust him to have conversations on the phone.  

And if these flunky, yes, flunky attorneys had done their job at the Commission on Ethics, they could have Googled numerous publications related to Joe Barbetta, his taking a "volunteer" role at SANCA, unpaid (because he's so benevolent) but he is considering a job with SANCA in the future.  Well, Mr. Barbetta better wait the two year period, that is Florida law, as an elected official, he cannot take a paid job with a client who he has voted many recorded favors for.  Also if the attorneys had taken the time the will see clearly that Joe Barbetta's wife and her event company Mary Kenealy Events continues to be the sole event provider for all of the big shit events coming to the Benderson Slush Fund Water Park.  I love the fact that she has written on her website "Mary Kenealy is widely recognized as one of the preeminent event planners in the nation." Which just goes to show how distorted the Barbetta's personal views of importance about themselves are.  Sorry, just sayin'.
In case you are wondering what the legal meaning of Probable Cause, it's a level of reasonable belief; Probable cause is a level of reasonable belief, based on facts that can be articulated, that is required to sue a person in civil court or to arrest and prosecute a person in criminal court. Before a person can be sued or arrested and prosecuted, the civil plaintiff or police and prosecutor must possess enough facts that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the claim or charge is true.  
Insert Rocky Theme please, I need some uplifting.

Oh yes, there will be more complaints coming soon, about Carlos Beruff, Mike Moran, Eric Robinson, Christine Robinson, the hiring of the SRQ Homelessness Director, Susan Nilon selling out, 390 PR's Walmart efforts, cows in Myakka, Pat Neal ruining a swath of nature in Venice and more.

Do I offer solutions,  most likely not.  But at least I won't feed you bullshit like the other a-holios I referenced in the prior paragraph.  

Yours Truly,

Adrien  Lucas 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Stinky in Sarasota - Mike Moran for County Commission District 1. He doesn't work for you and he won't when he is in office.

Stinky in Sarasota - County Commission District 1.  Please meet your next County Commissioner, Mike Moran. Moran has been chosen and groomed just for you, by our Sarasota Republican Club, Gov. Rick Scott, The Argus Group, SRQ Developers and local developer Carlos Beruff (a serious creep, click link to learn more about Mr. Beruff, this is just one of numerous articles I found on him).

 Mike Moran ReceptionWhen I saw the SRQ Republican Club’s invitation for a reception honoring Mike Moran who is running for County Commission, District 1 (Carolyn Mason is terming out) and I read the Honorary Hosts followed by the Host Committee, I knew something was stinky in Sarasota. It took only a few minutes of research to discover that our local Republican leaders were once again in denial about ethical candidates.

The Florida Republican party has sadly become a very incestuous group. Most likely you have not been invited to this orgy. All honorary hosts of Mike Moran's reception are related in some business kind-of-way. Whether it is via Argus, (now run by Commissioner Christine Robinson), local politicos, developers or socially insipid SRQ
nouveau riche, we all know nothing good can come from incest, even when it’s consensual. The honorary hosts reads like a family tree of who’s who of the local Republican party. Many of the Tea Party ilk - Jesse Biter, the Zieglers, the Beruffs, all of our County Commissioners, Sen. Pat Neal, Randy Benderson and tons more. Seriously, this is what we, the public are being served.  And you know what, none of these people care about the necessity of clean drinking water and safe soil. If they did, Mike Moran would not have their endorsements. If they had one toe in modern science and reality, Mike Moran would not be their candidate.
I have to admit, I had never heard of Mike Moran but to be endorsed by every County Commissioner who as of late have been running nothing less than a Corporate Welfare county in the name of Randy Benderson, Pat Neal, oh...and soon to land big time in SRQ, another developer, Carlos Beruff. I had never heard of Carlos Beruff either, but he's coming Sarasota so you better put on your gas mask. Actually Beruff has already landed but he's trying to grow like a bad black mold.

A Google search showed Mike Moran had been appointed by Governor Scott to our region’s Southwest Florida Water Management District.  The SWFMD has a 13-member Governing Board that establishes water policies for the entire 16-county district. Manatee County developer Carlos Beruff also serves of the board. He was first appointed to SWFMD in 2009 and is scheduled to serve until March 2017.  It is terrifying that Beruff and Moran are making decisions related to our local water supply. Seriously, terrifying. We may want to begin just sipping our own armpit sweat which will probably be safer than local tap water.

Hmmmm. Who is this Carlos Beruff dude and why does he keep coming up when I Google Mike Moran? And low and behold I hit the creepy dude jack pot.  Please watch this You Tube video of Mike Moran in his former role as a member of the Sarasota County Planning Commission provided by public watchdog, John Garcia who has numerous videos relating to the Carols Beruff Fox Fire Medallion home development built on a SRQ toxic former dump, I believe located in...District 1! Go figure!  

Watch Mike Moran “lead” the county commission regarding rezoning a former dump site that has been found to hold high levels of dangerous cancer causing agents. Mike Moran makes it clear that as a member on the planning commission, he is only responsible for the rezone and that any past or present contamination that exists and tests that may be required from other agencies is not the planning committee nor the county commissioners duties. Guess who owns that garbage dump? Carlos Beruff.

These politicians do not give a shit about the water, whether children may be playing in this crap. These honorary hosts and Mr. Moran do not care about the reality of documented cancer clusters across the U.S. from homes built on or near toxic garbage dumps. Basically our commissioners seem hell bent on turning Sarasota into the opening credits for the Simpsons.  “Oh look Mommy!  I’ve grown an eyeball on my back! ”  And I'm sure Mike Moran would reply to the child "Oh baby, that only means you are gifted!"

And now, this is what Sarasota’s Republican party is serving up on their tainted arsenic platter, Mike Moran.

If you are a registered Republican voter in SRQ County, you may want to write to your local SRQ Republican Club and ask them why, so early in the District 1 race, they are endorsing Mike Moran? Mr. Moran, a candidate, on video record, who does nothing to protect SRQ citizen's health when it comes to building on lands deemed dangerously toxic.  Or you may want to write any of the local celebrities who are hosting Mike Moran's debutante party and ask them if they care about the future of Sarasota and the quality of SRQ drinking water.

You may also Facebook message the Republican Party of SRQ and let them Mike Moran is unsuitable and should stick to his job as an accountant.  MESSAGE RP-SRQ CLICK HERE.

District 1 covers a wide swath of SRQ County land.  If you live in the city, District 1 contains areas of Indian Beach, New Town, Ringling Student’ville, all the way into some of Paver Park (I think), then District 1 reaches into Bahia Vista, Cattleman, Bee Road Extension.

Herald Trib info: 
It is time for Republicans to ask their Sarasota Republican Club to present them with better candidates. It is time for Integrity 2016.

Monday, March 23, 2015

To:  Diana Hamilton

From:  Adrien Lucas

Re: My opinion of your SRQ Daily 3/21/15 Op-ed featuring your public shaming of Susan Chapman

Insert: Please play "Dueling Banjos" I find it playing in my mind every time I read a Hamilton Op-ed

Diana Hamilton begins with "I first encountered Susan Chapman in the flesh circa 2005. Perched on the edge of the Ken Thompson Memorial Fountain outside Commission chambers downtown at City Hall, her face channeling grumpy cat, Susan was not in a pleased-to-meet-you mood."  

Jesus.  For Reelz?  Grumpy cat?  Oh geez, what a visual!!.  Diana's riled up now.

You mention former City Commissioners and the "five" and you hold those five all accountable in your fuzzy playing favorites kind of way.  Yet you fail to fully mention those "five."  No doubt it must be due to your your allegiance to former City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo and I think (but I may be wrong) that you and Suzanne Atwell are political chums, there are others you neglect to mention too.  I mean, if we are talking "five" bring them all to the forefront, no?  

You are sure to include "...allies, Commission appointees Eileen Normille and Stan Zimmerman, are, and it was they who chose as their first act as policy makers to pay, spending unlimited taxpayer dollars—estimated to date at upwards of $150.000—in legal fees to defend Susan ad infinitum against a Sunshine complaint that could have been settled for $500. "
I am not a city voter, however, it is time SARASOTA COUNTY grows a set and puts your ally, pseudo-paralegal Michael Barfield and his cottage industry extorting tax dollars under the guise of civil-liberties to bed.
Ironically, it appears your buddy Mr. Barfield may be benefiting monetarily by the Chapman lawsuit the longer it drags out.  Oh what will you do?  What will you do Diana? I find you to be in the middle of the murky SRQ shit most of the time which leads me to you almost had me, you could have been a contender....

"We live in a City where accountability for choices made, then unmade and/or remade is diluted across a panel of five commissioners, i.e. policy makers elected in most cases by fewer than 20 percent of voters. Ideally public policy ought be built on fact and established expertise founded in the interest of the greater good, but certainly not on the resolute emotion of the moment or of the loud. Turn it any which way you want, the LWPUP is a public policy fiasco. I’m not suggesting the LWPUP fiasco be laid at the feet of the one person whose fierce forced urgency pushed such an important project along in the wrong direction, but in 2005, Susan Chapman was the loud, and listening to her has cost us plenty."

I could almost agree with you if it were not for again, the insertion of Susan Chapman's name again.  If I lived on Chapman's street and saw sewage oozing into the Hudson Bayou twice, I would have done exactly what she did. Also, seeing America's rotting infrastructure, it's a good bet that a new lift station will help Sarasota maintain its beauty and safety for years to come.  (...and I don't want to get into location because I don't give a shit...)  I can also say that if Michael Barfield had flung the Sunshine shady b.s. he has slung towards Susan Chapman and the city of Sarasota, knowing now what I know about that public meeting, I would stand my ground also and not fold like Atwell did.

It's your invoking of calling for public policy and accountability in this op-ed that make me smirk.  Your political bedfellows do some tricky shit but you are mute in adding them to the fold of such high standards you live by. And again, for the most part, I agree with much of what you wrote but it's time to really step up and live with Integrity.  Are you capable of doing that Diana?

Diana Hamilton, will you join us on Tuesday, April 1st in downtown Sarasota, 1660 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota? On this day, we will demand genuine "integrity" from our elected officials as well as the other public servants and county staff who work on our behalf. 

Sarasota Integrity 2016!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eat it Barfield & Mogensen

Notice is hereby given that two or more City Commissioners may attend the meeting of the Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations (CCNA) on Saturday, March 7, 2015, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the Waldemere Fire Station located at 2070 Waldemere Street, Sarasota, FL 34239. 

The regular agenda for the CCNA will consist of Neighborhood and Community Affairs Reports and an update on the Bayfront 20:20 Initiative by Virginia Haley and Michael Klauber. There will also be a discussion concerning Non-Partisan Elections.

The public is invited to attend.


Notice is hereby given that two or more Sarasota City Commissioners may be attending a Public Participation Event being held by the City of Sarasota Urban Design Studio as a Feedback Session and Open House Forum concerning the proposed Form-Based Code for the Island District. The event will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Saturday, March 21, 2015, at the Mote Marine Sea Cinema located at 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway.

The event is meant to be a kick-off of community conversations which will continue throughout the year as the Urban Design Studio works with citizens and stakeholders to create a Citywide code to replace the City's current Zoning Code. Once the draft code is created, it will be presented to the community for review and additional feedback.
For additional information, please email:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ziegler's "Inferior Republicans" Strategy

Click to enlarge so you may learn read about the similarities.  History, you'd think we'd be past this type of b.s.

I am not implying that Ziegler is as dangerous as Hitler or Mussolini.  What I am writing is that when a person openly expresses their intent on voter suppression, this is exactly how Hitler and Mussolini began the suppression of their countries. I do not find using history as a resource to illustrate Christian Ziegler's latest stunt that much of a stretch.  We all know what happened during WWII, but the build up to the war seems to get lost due to the absolute horrific monstrosities that occurred by Hitler and Mussolini. I do not make light of that. I will not retract my opinion about Christian Ziegler's latest attempt of strong arm politics because I think he has completely crossed the line of ethical behavior.

I believe the local Republican party did the correct thing by telling him that they do not support this idea. Further, I believe the leaders in the local Republican party should demand he make an apology to Sarasota Republican constituents. So far, his party has only asked him to "revise" his concept and I don't think that is acceptable. They should call for his resignation or put him on notice that any more thuggish strategies could put his political career on ice.

Pease read this "What If" scenario if the local Republican party had agreed with Christian Ziegler's feeble minded plan.  

Imagine you are a registered Republican in Sarasota County.  Or most likely, if you live in Sarasota, you don’t have to even imagine this, the likelihood is pretty good that’s what you are. And that's Ok.

Imagine there are two Republican candidates in your precinct and you prefer the one who does not have an overwhelming number of endorsements from local developers.

Imagine that your local State Committeeman, Christian Ziegler, for the Sarasota Republican Party begins to publicly condemn Republicans who did not support his parties endorsed candidates.

Imagine that dark money funnels in, the kind of PAC money that Eric Robinson is so quick to introduce to local candidates who are willing to annihilate a candidate’s character based upon nothing substantially related to the meat and potatoes of a true campaign.

Imagine that Christian Ziegler contacts his comrade Eric Robinson and asks for support to create a sticker that will identify every Republican who did not vote the way Christian Ziegler wanted them to.  

Imagine that sticker must be worn at all political functions by these inferior Republicans or placed on their house or on their car.

Seriously, where did Christian Ziegler plan on taking this dangerously stupid idea?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Company You Keep. NO on Bridget Ziegler for School Board.

Edited with swear words deleted from my personal page, I know spicy words make some of you cringe.
Daily Mantra, please vote for Ken Marsh for Sarasota County School Board.
This collage is titled "The Company You Keep."
And this collage speaks volumes about Bridget Ziegler's coterie of comrades. In my opinion, these people all work the political system and they are all as good, if not better, as any other workin' the system grifter out there.
Bridget Ziegler is terrific chums with Mrs. Joe Gruters; see them smiling at the new mall? Oh life is el grande.
Mr. Gruters is the Sarasota Republican Party chairman and was instrumental in bringing sub-par talking heads to SRQ as the Republican SRQ "Statesman of the Year," along with his henchman Christian Ziegler.

And there's Mr./Mrs. Ziegler (let's face it Bridget will be working under the authority of Meezturdo Ziegler/Gruters/Scott/Biter/Swiers) with our state Governor, another thug/criminal who sucks off the teat of the system.
There's Rich Swier Sr., one of the biggest homophobic hateful pieces of poo in town' a total blow hard who thinks a little bullying is good for children. I wonder what Bridget thinks about that?
And there's Jessie Biter, who was Rick Santorum's chair to elect his stupid ass to the Presidency who is now making movies about Jesus ala Texan' style.

Look at the people Bridget Ziegler hangs with. Study their philosophy about morals, being gay, privatizing EVERYTHING so people like Gov. Scott and his buddies can run the businesses and screw you, and ultimately dumbing down our nation's education even more so because it's, as they suggest "elitism" to oppose them.

Well I say f 'em. And please vote for Ken Marsh if you have any interest in preserving a little brain.
Written in extreme haste, please excuse me the shabby writing.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mad as hell yet seal wrapped in apathy. A vote ain't even worth a penny.

When the Supreme Court Justices voted to allow Corporations be recognized as "people" the floodgates of supreme SUPER PAC funds anniliated the value of a working class American vote.

I was going to attend the recent County Commission meeting to speak out against the gouging of the 2050 Plan which had been written by the people and voted in by the people of Sarasota.  However, knowing the way the upcoming elections appear to be panning out, it seemed futile to me and I watched the commission meeting live on TV instead.  And once again, it was Jabborwocky at its highest art form. The "high court" of the County Commission didn't hear a word any of their constituents were sharing during public comments and voted on plans that have not even been developed yet.

Is this the new normal?  I think it is.  We have an entire County Commission who are basically indentured servants to huge corporate Developers.  I have seen 20 trillion campaign signs for Maio, Carigiulo and Ziegler.  And guess who paid for them?  That's right, those 1%'ers who funnel tons of dough into PACS. So you can rest easy because Maio and Carigiulo will be someones bitches for sure but they won't be yours even if you vote for them.

Bridget Ziegler is a candidate for the Sarasota County School Board District 1.  (Herald-Tribune archive /  Thomas Bender)
Hi, I'm a new "Mom" so vote for me!
And now the latest insult to really feeling like a vote isn't worth a damn. Bridget Ziegler, has a nice infusion of cash (approx $45K) from local Karl Rovian'esque PAC shyster, Eric Robinson. Who is also the husband of our County Commissioner Christine Robinson.  You know what these three all have in common? They were all appointed to by our crook Governor Rick Scott to the following: Ziegler/School Board, C. Robinson/County Commission, E. Robinson/State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota District Board of Trustees.

Do I sound pissed? Well I am.  Because our County Commission are also completely indentured to our turd ball, criminal Governor Rick Scott and if Scott wins another round as Governor, and Ziegler beats Ken Marsh.  Oh shit.  Seriously.

But the sad thing is, if you aren't with "them" you are most likely screwed as a candidate because you will be outspent by these muther's.

We, the people, have come to accept that voting for the lesser of the worst candidates is the only strategy we have.  We, the people, are too busy with thinking about not thinking. And when I try to convey to my friends that locally, their vote in this nation is almost the only power they have at this point.  I realize that is a heap pile of steamy poo too.  Because when a school board has been rigged with out of state PAC money and its legal.  Well, we the people, we are screwed.