Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are they all related? Our species cannot be trusted to play by the rules.

Seriously, is it some kind of genetic abnormality?  Bill Galvano, Joe Barbetta, Paul Caraguilo, Jesse Biter in addition to the authors of the Sarasota Mayor Initiative.  Must they try and deregulate everything related to development in the name of Free Enterprise?

This is why I continue to believe in regulation.  Our species cannot be trusted to play by the rules.  Here is an example from today's Sarasota Herald Tribune.

We have idiot land owner's like the dickhead who decimated the mangrove forest, despite most certainly knowing he was breaking the law.  Read all about this bungholio here: Manasota Key Mangroves Destroyed.  Thankfully County Commissioner Christine Robinson was able to help a little bit with this mess.  I didn't even know that Manasota Key was considered to be part of Sarasota County.

And then we have this most respected elected official, Rep. Bill Galvano, stating the following for his upcoming plans for 2014:

"Besides education, Galvano is venturing into other areas, particularly land-use policy. He has proposed legislation that would exempt seven counties — including Sarasota and Manatee — from having to submit development plans for state review for their potential regional impacts, a process known as a development of regional impact review, or DRI. Currently counties with over 900,000 people are exempt from the DRI process to encourage urban infill development. Galvano’s bill would drop the population requirement to 300,000 to be exempt from a DRI review.

Galvano said local governments have the sophistication to determine what is best for a community versus having to turn to a state agency for a final determination. But environmental groups are ready to battle. They say Galvano is giving developers an easier route to build major developments without considering the potential impact outside of a county’s boundaries."

For more on Rep. Galvano's plans: 
Sen. Galvano: He's new, but he's no rookie.

Written hastily, I have other shit to do but Gawd Al'mighty, when will these greedy bastards be satisfied?  Not until everything looks like a golf course and wild life is something you visit at Busch Gardens or Sea World.

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