Sunday, February 23, 2014

Imagine if the Sarasota Tea Party Strong Mayor existed in 2013.

Buried in Section 4.01.-Mayor, this dazzling piece of mumbo jumbo, Item number 6 is a beefy little number, giving the supposed Sarasota Mayor the power to: VETO AN ORDINANCE, RESOLUTION OR AN APPROPRIATION WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS OF ADOPTION.

Let's pretend it's 2013 and the people who opposed the placement of Walmart in the Ringling Shopping Center and who succeeded in preventing its construction (for now) were celebrating their victory, only to learn that the Sarasota Mayor vetoed the City Council's ruling.

Jesse Biter was asked in 2013 by the City Commissioners' to give his opinion on the Walmart issue.  His opinion was read at a commission meeting that went over its scheduled hours; meanwhile people who had signed up to give public comment had to come back the following week to be heard.  Mr. Biter, was in favor of the Walmart store being placed at the Ringling Shopping Center.  He doesn't even live in the neighborhood that would have been affected nor should he have been given special treatment over the wee people who waited for hours to be heard only to be asked to come back.

And since the architects of this Initiative met at the Hub, a.k.a. Tea Party Central, and we all know "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" and that may as well be Mr. Biter's theme song because since he couldn't get Richard Dorfman placed on the City Commission, Mr. Biter is aiming for higher pastures with a candidate who he will certainly be funding for the Mayoral race.

Let's pretend we had a Tea Party mayor in place in 2013, you can bet your little toe and your first born that that mayor would have vetoed the City Commissioners' vote and Walmart would be open by now.

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