Friday, March 21, 2014

Biter - Swier Jr. Politics = Mayor Hublicans x Joe Barbetta = It's Still Not Time

Yesterday on one of the Facebook groups I belong to a gentleman who is passionate about the "It's Time" Initiative shared that he was a Democrat, had worked hard for the party and had "faith" that a non partisan mayor will work well for our town.  This was after I written that the initiative needed to be rewritten and let's be grown ups about it by having a mayor declare his political party. This nonpartisan guise is a sham.

Last night I began to think more about the recent blatant lie County Commissioner Joe Barbetta told (he did take an oath to be honest, no?) at the Tuesday commission meeting where he feigned ignorance regarding the event company he owns and who to date, his wife who runs it, appears to be the only event company who has been awarded the event jobs at the Benderson Slush Fund Park.  

This led me back to the It's Time initiative. Joe Barbetta was one of the author's of the It's Time charter (and so was Carolyn Mason, another commissioner who voted in favor of the SANCA). 

It is difficult to believe or have faith that we will elect a person of integrity as our Mayor when you have someone as duplicitous as Commissioner Joe Barbetta; even more so seeing his name on this list of It's Time charter authors. Paul Caraguilo's name use to be on this but his name was taken off, and for what?  Why? I mean, if you believe in it, and you were a part of this team, then why try and erase your history with this drivel?

Written in haste, I have a life ya know, but as far as I'm concerned, it still Isn't Time. This mayor initiative is directly about development and Developers.  County Commissioners' Joe Barbetta and Carolyn Mason effectively gave away all event funds that will be raised at the Benderson Slush Fund Park, our city will reap none of those rewards.  Even if they parlay that rewards come as tourism dollars, hotel rentals, restaurant bills, they still sold our city to the biggest carpetbagger "Benderson" and instead of shiny glass beads, we get a pretty regatta island.  Wow'za.

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