Wednesday, March 19, 2014

County Commissioner Meeting Recap. Yep, they reamed us.

County Commissioner Meeting Recap:

Well sons of shit balls, the County Commissioners sold us down the river for the Benderson Slush Fund Park.

Barbetta recused himself from voting indicating he didn't know if his wife's event company had received any checks from SANCA.  

Commissioner Robinson took the high and mighty road of indignity implying like Barbetta, that his wife was "volunteering" Even though the Barbetta's pocketed $20K of tax dollars; when I volunteer for an event, I never make any dough. Ms. Robinson continued blathering on saying it was just sad that naysayers would even touch upon something as important and benevolent as being a volunteer. Which was complete and utter bullshit deflection on her part.  It's called stealing and that's what Barbetta did and you may reference the 2014 Florida Ethics rules and regulations to verify that Barbetta is indeed abusing his electoral power.

Listen to the list of heavy hitting rollers that Barbetta's wife does "event" biz for.  Nice to have connections!

Here is 8 minutes, sliced and diced of the dismal County Commissioner meeting.  Barbetta blabbing on, Ms. Cathy Cannon Antunes doing her civic awesomeness, Ms. Robinson acting all indignant and then me, pissed off as hell that these toadie toads get to continue on doing exactly whatever suits them.

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