Saturday, March 1, 2014

It Still Isn't Time

In response to Diana Hamilton's piece "Chapman's War" in the SRQ Daily weekend edition:

Ms. Hamilton, your argument is thin support for trying to convince me that we need a Sarasota Mayor, who will have a salary of up to $100K + benefits, and maybe retirement benefits? That was a bit unclear in the initiative you helped author. Our town is burdened by a mounting retirement payout to city employees, mostly the police department from what I have read. Add the potential expense of a mayor plus we can certainly expect more frivolous spending of tax dollars on businesses who have tanked such as Sanborn Studios, Tube Dude; throw in the recent report on development that Barbetta and the County shot a wad of dough towards.  It is impossible for me to get jazzed up about the It's Time Sarasota initiative.

And you expect us to believe that one single mayor can come in and fix our broken code system along with elected officials who are completely unconcerned about the simplicity of due diligence? Puh'leeezeeeee.

Again Ms. Hamilton, it Isn't Time for It's Time Sarasota. Your op-ed is a thin argument in regards to installing a Sarasota Mayor for our town. What makes you think a Democrat or Republican Mayor wouldn't trip into a Sunshine law suit?** Until the Mayor Initiative is rewritten, it isn't time. 

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