Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Time Initiative, another worst case scenario.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection granted this Texassss company a permit, Dan A. Hughes Co. 

"Determining exactly what the company did is difficult because the DEP censored that part of the order, labeling it "a confidential trade secret."
The Florida DEP (the word Protection should be omitted from its title) is as guilty as the oil company. 
It is difficult to feel hopeful about government agencies when they all appear to be blind to their very own regulations. However, this only reinforces my view that regulations are needed, without them, it's a dirty free-for-all-pig-up-the-planet kind of world.

I posted this to tie into the It's Time Sarasota initiative, which chips away at small protections created to contain "Development." It is not difficult to imagine a potential SRQ Mayor being able to insert the words "trade secret" and since the Florida Sunshine laws would not apply to this mayor, this type of "quiet" environmental disaster is quite possible. How would we know? Most likely we wouldn't until it was too late.

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