Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Once a Quitter, Always a Quitter. Update, so you don't think I have just a hard on for Caraguilo, because I don't.

Once a quitter always a quitter.
Caragiulo has effectively given every person who voted for him as City Commissioner the middle finger by quitting his post. People took the time to go out and vote for him and he can't even finish his term. How can he be trusted to complete anything as a County Commissioner? Finish the job you were elected to do.

Update - 6/2/14, and just to be clear that I am symmetrically fair, I think City Commissioner Snyder is a quitter also.  Unless the President of the U.S. phones and hires you for a position, my opinion is that you are giving a real "F" you to the constituents who voted for you and the people who donated funds to your campaign.

As an elected official, to quit your elected post to run for another post, because your current situation doesn't "suit" you is bullshit.  Nothing more than gross ambition coupled with that slacker attitude of quitting surely means that you'll be as lackluster as a County Commissioner, should either of these two men win.  

In today's SRQ Daily 6/2 Monday edition, a poll is being asked:
[Politics]  Shortened Terms
How do you feel about politicians interested in higher office quitting their current posts to pursue those ambitions? Vote in our poll at

You may vote for this poll here:  SRQ MAG POLL.  The poll is located on the upper right of the web page.  

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