Monday, May 19, 2014

Project Fowl? Sarasota County Commissioners, you deserve this title.


With all due respect, reading today's article in today's Business Journal regarding "Project Fowl," this is a joke, right?

You mean to tell me that our county employees are " secret code" naming companies who are asking for a financial incentive grant?

We, the citizen's of SRQ, apparently are not smart enough or wise enough to know the name of this company?  

This is a joke, right?  Please tell us this is a joke.

If this is not a joke, we, the "wee people" who vote for you deserve to respect of knowing who you are most likely going to award $100K to.

I'd like to know the name of the company so we can at least do the "due diligence" that you as commissioners are appear incapable of doing.  

I wonder if this company hired someone from the Economic Development Council to write their memo:

The company has indicated that this Financial Incentive Grant is critical in expanding its business, including hiring new staff in Sarasota County, and is time-sensitive,” states the memo to county commissioners.

Well then, if the memo says this is time sensitive, our commissioners better jump on that green light and fork over that dough.

Still hoping this is some kind of joke.

I see it's not a joke.  Really, the EDC and the County Commissioners are now speaking in code?  Shame on you.

To consider a request by the Economic Development Corporation on behalf of Project 
Fowl (code name), for an Economic Development Financial Incentive Grant to assist in 
expenses to expand Project Fowl’s existing business in Sarasota County, in an amount 
not to exceed $100,000.00, subject to a Financial Incentive Agreement with the County.


Adrien Lucas

BCC'd to everyone I know who lives in Sarasota and votes.  

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