Friday, May 2, 2014

Sarasota News Leader covers ethic's case against Commissioner Barbetta

I must comment on today's article in the Sarasota News Leader by Cooper Levey-Baker.
This is the letter I was Carbon Copied on which was mailed to Commissioner Barbetta.  Notice the name on the upper most left side of this picture?  It says "Morgan R. Bentley, Chair"
Per today's article Commissioner Barbetta states "Barbetta tells the News Leader he cannot comment on the case and we can expect a comment next week.  Actually this is not the case, Barbetta has the liberty to or not to speak about the case but is pretending he is bound by the commission to be silent.  Bullshit.
    What is another amusing addition to this fiasco is Attorney Bentley being quoted as saying "he tells the News Leader that he hasn't even seen the complaint.  Dude, you are the FLORIDA CHAIR OF THE COMMISSION ON ETHICS.  Attorney Bentley stated further, he would never be involved in any case involving Barbetta, being quoted as saying "I'd never be in the room." Why then does Barbetta love to roll with "My attorney is Morgan Bentley."  In what capacity does Attorney Bentley work for Commissioner Barbetta?

    This is so f'in dismal, liars, cheats, thieving bastardos. Shameful Sarasota.

    My claims against Commissioner Barbetta are factual, readable and viewable, available for anyone to review here:  Sarasota County Commission Meeting Minutes 2006­ - 2014.  Use keywords "Benderson" "SANCA" "Suncoast Aquatic" "PGT" "Sunovia" and here are direct links to items Commissioner Barbetta should have recused himself from voting on:

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