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Suckin' on a bitter pill, Marbut is just another fake Medicine Man and his prescription sucks.

Truth ain't nothing but a five letter word
and lately it is tasting like a bitter pill.
Left Bitter Far Too Long in SRQ Magazine's 5/3 op-ed by Diana Hamilton left me feeling tired and a bit blue.  Lines will be drawn in the opinion sandbox. In her piece she mentions people I have known over the years and people who I also happen to know are cool as hell. I must respect their opinions and it is Dullsville if we all see things the same way. So I am hopeful that this "hobby" of mine of commenting about local political crap doesn't trickle down and change those relationships.

However, once again, I'm left scratching my head wondering how Ms. Hamilton continues to get "air space" for her very thin arguments in support of the "It's Time" SRQ mayor initiative.  She has yet to write one op-ed with solid, factual evidence to support the initiative.  Even with Ms. Hamilton's "heart" in the right place, a single Mayor is not going to solve Sarasota's homeless issue.  It takes a village not a mayor.

It is an interesting cluster of SRQ public persona's who are part architects and leaders of the It's Time initiative.  Notables such as Commissioners' Barbetta and Caraguilo, along with Diana Hamilton, Linda Holland all appear to be failures.  These people are either in pubic office or have failed at being elected into public office.  These elected officials and citizen activists couldn't "fix" or have done half ass attempts to fix things (noise ordinance, homelessness, antiquated codes).  Why should these people who have failed in their work to bring change or to "fix" problems be trusted with a potential Mayoral candidate?  It seems this group of people are or have been incapable of fixing or working together to aid our city.  

The failures rest on the people.  We may say the system is broken but to me, it's really the people who are broken.  What if "no" candidate for mayor exists who has the skill set to fix these items?  What then?  Who do we blame?  The mayor?  The initiative?  The homeless?  

People in support of Dr. Marbut's Homeless study need to do some research.  I tried, I could not find any evidence of statistics that support his self claimed "success rate."  What I have managed to eek out is from two bloggers (The National Abolitionist) and the Sarasota Phoenix showing Dr. Marbut's program in St. Petersburg, FL has been dismal in changing anything related 
their homeless problem.  It appears Dr. Marbut has made a successful career thus far in leading communities even further away from the actual problems related to homelessness.  Here is a link to Alternet's opinion about the renowned Dr. Marbut.
Culling the Herd

Here is a link to the Key West Newspaper who I quote: "Well, for one thing, there’s no data in Dr. Marbut’s report that would back-up his conclusion.  There are no charts, no raw numbers, no dates and his accounting is somewhat peculiar.  For instance, he appears to include as currently homeless anyone who, in the past 10 years, was booked into the County jail at least twice and failed to provide an address of residence.  Likewise, anyone who signed their name twice on the roster at KOTS in the past three years was also added to the list of those who are “actively” and permanently homeless in Key West.   Yet, despite his questionable accounting methods, cities around the nation love Dr. Marbut, the guru of homelessness, and there’s a simple reason for it."

I think we are kidding ourselves to think that one person as a mayor and one man's dubious study is going to "save the day" and solve the homeless situation in SRQ.  Also, it has been pointed out to me that not a single city or county request for proposal can be found for Dr. Marbut's services.  Should not other "Homeless" solving firms (what is this field actually called "Culling the Herd" professional?) have the ability to bid on a project as serious as this?

Per local blogger The Sarasota Phoenix, these are staggeringly awful stats from The Pinellas County Sheriff's office.  Our elected officials are notorious for their fuzzy math skills and are hopeful that the public will chew on Marbut's claims of success and not dig in to really see that Marbut is just another fake Medicine Man.

How does Marbut claim, as he stated in Sarasota when he first came to promote his program and recently repeated in Daytona Beach, that his program success rate is 80%? 2 out of 5,110 is .00039%.
The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Statistical Summary for the other two years the Marbut 's program was existence in Pinellas County show similar dismal results.
In 2012, out of 4,786 individuals admitted to the program only 15 completed the program for a percentage of .0031%. Those leaving whose destination was "Unknown" was 3,299. That is a percentage of 70% of those who entered the program whose destination after leaving the program was "Unknown." The program claims only 8 returned to the streets.
In 2011, 56 out 4,300 individuals admitted completed the program for a percentage of .0130%. Those leaving whose destination was unknown was 2,293, which is a percentage of 53%of those who entered the program whose destination after leaving the program was unknown. The program claims only 21 returned to the streets. 
These statistics and others found in the survey conducted by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office concerning Marbut's Pinellas Safe Harbor facility are staggering.

The following questions need to be asked concerning the results of that survey: 
1. How does Marbut claim a 80% success rate when in three years (2011, 2012 & 2013) out of the 14,196 individuals who entered the Pinellas County Safe Harbor program only 73 completed the program?
2.How can it be justified that out of the 14,196 individuals who entered the Pinellas County program the last three years and with 8,962 of those individuals destination "Unknown," how can it be determined that only 24 returned to the streets?

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