Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jesse Biter calls in favor.

You know what a $40K campaign donation to Governor Scott will get you? 

Bridget Ziegler. Wife of, dare I write, a total bunghole, her husband, Christian Ziegler - SRQ State Committeeman. Mr. Ziegler was one of the main reasons why I closed my prior Facebook account after receiving Facebook messages from him telling me he could and maybe was going to report me to Facebook for not using my real name. He managed to give me the instant uber creeps via cyberspace.

So a big, giant Thank You to Jesse Biter for calling in this favor! It's amazing what this man will waste his money on. Biter's $40K campaign donation to Governor Scott gets Mrs. Ziegler this post; I guess this sort of makes Mr. Ziegler Biter's Bitch. Personally, I think Mr. Biter should stick with restaurants.

Even though the election is in August, it certainly was a local EMERGENCY that the school board post was vacant during the summer vacation. We can all rest now that we have Bridget Ziegler as a School Board Member of Sarasota County.

As her husband claims on his website: "I believe that America is at its greatest when individuals, who are here legally, are free to pursue the American Dream without the government standing in their way." -Christian Ziegler, State Committeeman (Sarasota County)

Mr. Ziegler also clearly believes it is the American Dream to have government stand in their way when it comes to appointing family members.

May I suggest Home Schooling local little peeps because with Ms. Ziegler on the school board, Sciences just took a big shit. I predict she'll want to shelve current Science curriculum and reintroduce our little flock to the dark ages. And considering her husbands big stance on being 'Merican, she'll probably not want any undocumented children to receive lunch handouts, God forbid.

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