Monday, July 14, 2014

Local news bite causes Manic Monday, what a distasteful breakfast.

Having sat through numerous SRQ County Commission meetings (watching them on video) from 2006 to present, reading this quote from SRQ Daily today made me want to spew.

"It is inappropriate under any circumstances to bellow and yell and call sitting County Commissioners liars, cheats, thieves and crooks. It's quite frankly uncivilized behavior, and there is no need for that."  - Alan Maio, Sarasota County Commission candidate.There were and have been plenty of moments when the county commissioners have been incredibly caustic and rude to the citizens who may voice a different opinion.  Mr. Maio's defensive quote makes me feel as if I'm sitting in detention hall for even raising my hand.  He's a toughie, that one, he runs a tight ship and I expect he'll be bringing his ruler to smack anyone during public comments who may incite his blood to rise.

His only testimonial on his campaign website is from Christine Robinson. I have personally seen Commissioner Robinson employ the same tactics that Mr. Maio says are inappropriate.

I also Love, love, love from Mr. Maio's website "Alan is a long time Conservative Republican. He has built two large restaurants, a large consulting business, and a vacation rental business. All are still paying taxes, employing people and paying vendors."

Seriously, the last sentence cracks me up.  Well, well, well, Mr. Maio, you are AWESOME, you STILL pay taxes?  Wow, what an upright citizen.  Seriously, I mean, to even think that you wouldn't pay taxes, that's just awfulness and un-American and I feel so proud that you are STILL paying taxes.  Way to go Mr. Maio.  You're my hero, my TAX HERO!!

Ok, but really, who in the hell did his website?  That sentence in his About section from his campaign website is just doofus central.

Now on to Paul Cariguilo and his sound bite from SRQ Daily.
"But I follow the this rule: if I don't piss you off at least once, then I'm not doing my job."  

Oh the humor, it's enlightening to know this side of him.  He has never personally pissed me off but I can't help but find his quote "dyed in the wool new urbanist" to be very campy rhetoric and about as thin as his political career.  His claims of building relationships are true. 

Paul Caragiulo, Commissioner Barbetta and career felon Attorney Michael Barfield* imply a lot about his relationship building.  And as far as his deep concern about the police pensions, etc., instead of focusing on subjects that he portrayed interest in, he decides to cram a boss mayor agenda up our asses and then slinks away from the project letting his wee people do the work because it wasn't a good image for his upcoming county commission run.

Keep your enemies close.
*Mr. Barfield has been allegedly quoted saying he is an attorney, he is not, he is a paralegal;
not that there is anything wrong with being a paralegal.  It just goes to show 

the con is still playing a con when he falsely represents his occupation.  For a juicy historical read on Barfield, this article is from 1988 by the Orlando Sentinel. The report, about a young Barfield, reads like a couple of seasons of Guiding Light.  It's that nutty of a story.  Word is Leonardo DeCaprio has expressed interest in developing this bullshit into a cruddy movie.

Politically in SRQ, I think illusion seems to work very well for many of the people who live here. Prescription drugs or the other stuff to numb the reality of what a bogus sham life can be. Not that I care, I just wish we'd quit sleeping and demand quality people to run for local office.  I don't want to, hell no.  However, I have some stellar, smart friends who sure as shit would do a better job or actually know what they are doing (Ziegler, School Snore Board, duhhhhhhh, I digress). 
This town is going to hell in a Developer's hand basket.

SRQ DAILY, July 14, 2014

[Politics]  County Commission Contests Draw Big Names
With two seats opened up by term limits, the Sarasota County Commission contests this year have drawn out a significant number if high-profile candidates, and the upcoming Republican parties are proving a lesson in contrasts.
In the District 2 race, Sarasota City Commissioners Paul Caragiulo and Shannon Snyder are both leaving their current jobs for a chance to succeed Joe Barbetta representing the region in the County Administration Building instead of City Hall. 
Caragiulo jumped into the contest early, quickly picking up Barbetta's endorsement and that of a number of establishment leaders. He is hoping his record both as a businessman and advocate of commerce interests will earn him the higher office. Through the season, he has stressed his history of developing relationships with leaders on other governmental bodies and among professional groups. "I've demonstrated I'm willing to meet and work with anyone," he said. "But I follow the this rule: if I don't piss you off at least once, then I'm not doing my job."
Snyder in contrast has stressed his willingness to speak his mind, along with his fiscally conservative credentials. He touts a history as the only member of the Sarasota City Commission today who never voted for a tax increase, and said his background as a sheriff's deputy and reputation for spotlighting problems within government matter at a point when ethics is top of mind regarding county politics. "It takes a certain toughness to watch money, and I have demonstrated that," he said. Dismissal of a county ethics officer and a perception that ethics is disregarded at the county level needs to be addressed immediately, he said, and he expects that message will resonate right now.
As for the District 4 contest, two regular players in county government are now seeking elected office. Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations President Lourdes Ramirez and former Sarasota County Planning Commissioner Alan Maio bye to succeed Nora Patterson.
Ramirez also feels citizens have shown concern about ethics. Her major focus as an activist in the past year, though, has been the reopening of the Sarasota County 2050 comprehensive plan, an issue she said there is surprising interest in among voters. "They are concerned about what is being proposed," she said. "They may not know all the details but they are concerned about over-development and who is paying for all of the infrastructure." She thinks voters are ready for someone new who will be out for the citizens first. 
Maio, of course, also feels he has the public's best interest in mind, but supports the proposed changes to 2050 on the grounds it will allow for positive commercial growth in the region. Some rules like fiscal neutrality have hampered financing for builders, he said."A developer or investor needs to know where he will stand," he said. He stressed developers will still cover much of the cost of products through impact fees and other measures. Maio said his experience, as a planning commission and also as a Gov. Jeb Bush-appointed member of the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council for two terms, give him the expertise to strike the right balance in rule making.
The Republican primary is scheduled Aug. 26 and open to Republican voters in Sarasota County. The winner of the Maio-Ramirez contest faces Democrat Ray Porter and no-party-affiliation candidate John Minder in November, while the winner of the Snyder-Caragiulo race will face nonpartisan candidate Alexandra Coe and two write-in candidates in November.

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