Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mad as hell yet seal wrapped in apathy. A vote ain't even worth a penny.

When the Supreme Court Justices voted to allow Corporations be recognized as "people" the floodgates of supreme SUPER PAC funds anniliated the value of a working class American vote.

I was going to attend the recent County Commission meeting to speak out against the gouging of the 2050 Plan which had been written by the people and voted in by the people of Sarasota.  However, knowing the way the upcoming elections appear to be panning out, it seemed futile to me and I watched the commission meeting live on TV instead.  And once again, it was Jabborwocky at its highest art form. The "high court" of the County Commission didn't hear a word any of their constituents were sharing during public comments and voted on plans that have not even been developed yet.

Is this the new normal?  I think it is.  We have an entire County Commission who are basically indentured servants to huge corporate Developers.  I have seen 20 trillion campaign signs for Maio, Carigiulo and Ziegler.  And guess who paid for them?  That's right, those 1%'ers who funnel tons of dough into PACS. So you can rest easy because Maio and Carigiulo will be someones bitches for sure but they won't be yours even if you vote for them.

Bridget Ziegler is a candidate for the Sarasota County School Board District 1.  (Herald-Tribune archive /  Thomas Bender)
Hi, I'm a new "Mom" so vote for me!
And now the latest insult to really feeling like a vote isn't worth a damn. Bridget Ziegler, has a nice infusion of cash (approx $45K) from local Karl Rovian'esque PAC shyster, Eric Robinson. Who is also the husband of our County Commissioner Christine Robinson.  You know what these three all have in common? They were all appointed to by our crook Governor Rick Scott to the following: Ziegler/School Board, C. Robinson/County Commission, E. Robinson/State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota District Board of Trustees.

Do I sound pissed? Well I am.  Because our County Commission are also completely indentured to our turd ball, criminal Governor Rick Scott and if Scott wins another round as Governor, and Ziegler beats Ken Marsh.  Oh shit.  Seriously.

But the sad thing is, if you aren't with "them" you are most likely screwed as a candidate because you will be outspent by these muther's.

We, the people, have come to accept that voting for the lesser of the worst candidates is the only strategy we have.  We, the people, are too busy with thinking about not thinking. And when I try to convey to my friends that locally, their vote in this nation is almost the only power they have at this point.  I realize that is a heap pile of steamy poo too.  Because when a school board has been rigged with out of state PAC money and its legal.  Well, we the people, we are screwed.

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  1. Adrien, the people always get screwed. That's why we always have revolutions. Neither has ever failed to happen.