Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Company You Keep. NO on Bridget Ziegler for School Board.

Edited with swear words deleted from my personal page, I know spicy words make some of you cringe.
Daily Mantra, please vote for Ken Marsh for Sarasota County School Board.
This collage is titled "The Company You Keep."
And this collage speaks volumes about Bridget Ziegler's coterie of comrades. In my opinion, these people all work the political system and they are all as good, if not better, as any other workin' the system grifter out there.
Bridget Ziegler is terrific chums with Mrs. Joe Gruters; see them smiling at the new mall? Oh life is el grande.
Mr. Gruters is the Sarasota Republican Party chairman and was instrumental in bringing sub-par talking heads to SRQ as the Republican SRQ "Statesman of the Year," along with his henchman Christian Ziegler.

And there's Mr./Mrs. Ziegler (let's face it Bridget will be working under the authority of Meezturdo Ziegler/Gruters/Scott/Biter/Swiers) with our state Governor, another thug/criminal who sucks off the teat of the system.
There's Rich Swier Sr., one of the biggest homophobic hateful pieces of poo in town' a total blow hard who thinks a little bullying is good for children. I wonder what Bridget thinks about that?
And there's Jessie Biter, who was Rick Santorum's chair to elect his stupid ass to the Presidency who is now making movies about Jesus ala Texan' style.

Look at the people Bridget Ziegler hangs with. Study their philosophy about morals, being gay, privatizing EVERYTHING so people like Gov. Scott and his buddies can run the businesses and screw you, and ultimately dumbing down our nation's education even more so because it's, as they suggest "elitism" to oppose them.

Well I say f 'em. And please vote for Ken Marsh if you have any interest in preserving a little brain.
Written in extreme haste, please excuse me the shabby writing.

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