Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ziegler's "Inferior Republicans" Strategy

Click to enlarge so you may learn read about the similarities.  History, you'd think we'd be past this type of b.s.

I am not implying that Ziegler is as dangerous as Hitler or Mussolini.  What I am writing is that when a person openly expresses their intent on voter suppression, this is exactly how Hitler and Mussolini began the suppression of their countries. I do not find using history as a resource to illustrate Christian Ziegler's latest stunt that much of a stretch.  We all know what happened during WWII, but the build up to the war seems to get lost due to the absolute horrific monstrosities that occurred by Hitler and Mussolini. I do not make light of that. I will not retract my opinion about Christian Ziegler's latest attempt of strong arm politics because I think he has completely crossed the line of ethical behavior.

I believe the local Republican party did the correct thing by telling him that they do not support this idea. Further, I believe the leaders in the local Republican party should demand he make an apology to Sarasota Republican constituents. So far, his party has only asked him to "revise" his concept and I don't think that is acceptable. They should call for his resignation or put him on notice that any more thuggish strategies could put his political career on ice.

Pease read this "What If" scenario if the local Republican party had agreed with Christian Ziegler's feeble minded plan.  

Imagine you are a registered Republican in Sarasota County.  Or most likely, if you live in Sarasota, you don’t have to even imagine this, the likelihood is pretty good that’s what you are. And that's Ok.

Imagine there are two Republican candidates in your precinct and you prefer the one who does not have an overwhelming number of endorsements from local developers.

Imagine that your local State Committeeman, Christian Ziegler, for the Sarasota Republican Party begins to publicly condemn Republicans who did not support his parties endorsed candidates.

Imagine that dark money funnels in, the kind of PAC money that Eric Robinson is so quick to introduce to local candidates who are willing to annihilate a candidate’s character based upon nothing substantially related to the meat and potatoes of a true campaign.

Imagine that Christian Ziegler contacts his comrade Eric Robinson and asks for support to create a sticker that will identify every Republican who did not vote the way Christian Ziegler wanted them to.  

Imagine that sticker must be worn at all political functions by these inferior Republicans or placed on their house or on their car.

Seriously, where did Christian Ziegler plan on taking this dangerously stupid idea?

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