Monday, March 23, 2015

To:  Diana Hamilton

From:  Adrien Lucas

Re: My opinion of your SRQ Daily 3/21/15 Op-ed featuring your public shaming of Susan Chapman

Insert: Please play "Dueling Banjos" I find it playing in my mind every time I read a Hamilton Op-ed

Diana Hamilton begins with "I first encountered Susan Chapman in the flesh circa 2005. Perched on the edge of the Ken Thompson Memorial Fountain outside Commission chambers downtown at City Hall, her face channeling grumpy cat, Susan was not in a pleased-to-meet-you mood."  

Jesus.  For Reelz?  Grumpy cat?  Oh geez, what a visual!!.  Diana's riled up now.

You mention former City Commissioners and the "five" and you hold those five all accountable in your fuzzy playing favorites kind of way.  Yet you fail to fully mention those "five."  No doubt it must be due to your your allegiance to former City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo and I think (but I may be wrong) that you and Suzanne Atwell are political chums, there are others you neglect to mention too.  I mean, if we are talking "five" bring them all to the forefront, no?  

You are sure to include "...allies, Commission appointees Eileen Normille and Stan Zimmerman, are, and it was they who chose as their first act as policy makers to pay, spending unlimited taxpayer dollars—estimated to date at upwards of $150.000—in legal fees to defend Susan ad infinitum against a Sunshine complaint that could have been settled for $500. "
I am not a city voter, however, it is time SARASOTA COUNTY grows a set and puts your ally, pseudo-paralegal Michael Barfield and his cottage industry extorting tax dollars under the guise of civil-liberties to bed.
Ironically, it appears your buddy Mr. Barfield may be benefiting monetarily by the Chapman lawsuit the longer it drags out.  Oh what will you do?  What will you do Diana? I find you to be in the middle of the murky SRQ shit most of the time which leads me to you almost had me, you could have been a contender....

"We live in a City where accountability for choices made, then unmade and/or remade is diluted across a panel of five commissioners, i.e. policy makers elected in most cases by fewer than 20 percent of voters. Ideally public policy ought be built on fact and established expertise founded in the interest of the greater good, but certainly not on the resolute emotion of the moment or of the loud. Turn it any which way you want, the LWPUP is a public policy fiasco. I’m not suggesting the LWPUP fiasco be laid at the feet of the one person whose fierce forced urgency pushed such an important project along in the wrong direction, but in 2005, Susan Chapman was the loud, and listening to her has cost us plenty."

I could almost agree with you if it were not for again, the insertion of Susan Chapman's name again.  If I lived on Chapman's street and saw sewage oozing into the Hudson Bayou twice, I would have done exactly what she did. Also, seeing America's rotting infrastructure, it's a good bet that a new lift station will help Sarasota maintain its beauty and safety for years to come.  (...and I don't want to get into location because I don't give a shit...)  I can also say that if Michael Barfield had flung the Sunshine shady b.s. he has slung towards Susan Chapman and the city of Sarasota, knowing now what I know about that public meeting, I would stand my ground also and not fold like Atwell did.

It's your invoking of calling for public policy and accountability in this op-ed that make me smirk.  Your political bedfellows do some tricky shit but you are mute in adding them to the fold of such high standards you live by. And again, for the most part, I agree with much of what you wrote but it's time to really step up and live with Integrity.  Are you capable of doing that Diana?

Diana Hamilton, will you join us on Tuesday, April 1st in downtown Sarasota, 1660 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota? On this day, we will demand genuine "integrity" from our elected officials as well as the other public servants and county staff who work on our behalf. 

Sarasota Integrity 2016!

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