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Stinky in Sarasota - Mike Moran for County Commission District 1. He doesn't work for you and he won't when he is in office.

Stinky in Sarasota - County Commission District 1.  Please meet your next County Commissioner, Mike Moran. Moran has been chosen and groomed just for you, by our Sarasota Republican Club, Gov. Rick Scott, The Argus Group, SRQ Developers and local developer Carlos Beruff (a serious creep, click link to learn more about Mr. Beruff, this is just one of numerous articles I found on him).

 Mike Moran ReceptionWhen I saw the SRQ Republican Club’s invitation for a reception honoring Mike Moran who is running for County Commission, District 1 (Carolyn Mason is terming out) and I read the Honorary Hosts followed by the Host Committee, I knew something was stinky in Sarasota. It took only a few minutes of research to discover that our local Republican leaders were once again in denial about ethical candidates.

The Florida Republican party has sadly become a very incestuous group. Most likely you have not been invited to this orgy. All honorary hosts of Mike Moran's reception are related in some business kind-of-way. Whether it is via Argus, (now run by Commissioner Christine Robinson), local politicos, developers or socially insipid SRQ
nouveau riche, we all know nothing good can come from incest, even when it’s consensual. The honorary hosts reads like a family tree of who’s who of the local Republican party. Many of the Tea Party ilk - Jesse Biter, the Zieglers, the Beruffs, all of our County Commissioners, Sen. Pat Neal, Randy Benderson and tons more. Seriously, this is what we, the public are being served.  And you know what, none of these people care about the necessity of clean drinking water and safe soil. If they did, Mike Moran would not have their endorsements. If they had one toe in modern science and reality, Mike Moran would not be their candidate.
I have to admit, I had never heard of Mike Moran but to be endorsed by every County Commissioner who as of late have been running nothing less than a Corporate Welfare county in the name of Randy Benderson, Pat Neal, oh...and soon to land big time in SRQ, another developer, Carlos Beruff. I had never heard of Carlos Beruff either, but he's coming Sarasota so you better put on your gas mask. Actually Beruff has already landed but he's trying to grow like a bad black mold.

A Google search showed Mike Moran had been appointed by Governor Scott to our region’s Southwest Florida Water Management District.  The SWFMD has a 13-member Governing Board that establishes water policies for the entire 16-county district. Manatee County developer Carlos Beruff also serves of the board. He was first appointed to SWFMD in 2009 and is scheduled to serve until March 2017.  It is terrifying that Beruff and Moran are making decisions related to our local water supply. Seriously, terrifying. We may want to begin just sipping our own armpit sweat which will probably be safer than local tap water.

Hmmmm. Who is this Carlos Beruff dude and why does he keep coming up when I Google Mike Moran? And low and behold I hit the creepy dude jack pot.  Please watch this You Tube video of Mike Moran in his former role as a member of the Sarasota County Planning Commission provided by public watchdog, John Garcia who has numerous videos relating to the Carols Beruff Fox Fire Medallion home development built on a SRQ toxic former dump, I believe located in...District 1! Go figure!  

Watch Mike Moran “lead” the county commission regarding rezoning a former dump site that has been found to hold high levels of dangerous cancer causing agents. Mike Moran makes it clear that as a member on the planning commission, he is only responsible for the rezone and that any past or present contamination that exists and tests that may be required from other agencies is not the planning committee nor the county commissioners duties. Guess who owns that garbage dump? Carlos Beruff.

These politicians do not give a shit about the water, whether children may be playing in this crap. These honorary hosts and Mr. Moran do not care about the reality of documented cancer clusters across the U.S. from homes built on or near toxic garbage dumps. Basically our commissioners seem hell bent on turning Sarasota into the opening credits for the Simpsons.  “Oh look Mommy!  I’ve grown an eyeball on my back! ”  And I'm sure Mike Moran would reply to the child "Oh baby, that only means you are gifted!"

And now, this is what Sarasota’s Republican party is serving up on their tainted arsenic platter, Mike Moran.

If you are a registered Republican voter in SRQ County, you may want to write to your local SRQ Republican Club and ask them why, so early in the District 1 race, they are endorsing Mike Moran? Mr. Moran, a candidate, on video record, who does nothing to protect SRQ citizen's health when it comes to building on lands deemed dangerously toxic.  Or you may want to write any of the local celebrities who are hosting Mike Moran's debutante party and ask them if they care about the future of Sarasota and the quality of SRQ drinking water.

You may also Facebook message the Republican Party of SRQ and let them Mike Moran is unsuitable and should stick to his job as an accountant.  MESSAGE RP-SRQ CLICK HERE.

District 1 covers a wide swath of SRQ County land.  If you live in the city, District 1 contains areas of Indian Beach, New Town, Ringling Student’ville, all the way into some of Paver Park (I think), then District 1 reaches into Bahia Vista, Cattleman, Bee Road Extension.

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It is time for Republicans to ask their Sarasota Republican Club to present them with better candidates. It is time for Integrity 2016.

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